ASM157-M Weight Massage Ball
Product Description
Item No. ASM157-M
Description Weight Massage Ball
Material EVA, ABS, Iron sand
Size Φ5"
Color Green, Blue, Gray
Weight 250g±30g, 850g±30g, 1450g±30g
Packing 1pc/mail box
250g±30g : 18pcs/ctn/45x45x31cm/2.3'
850g±30g : 12pcs/ctn/45x31x31cm/1.6'
Designed for strengthening, plyometrics, balance training, and mobilisation
As the size of the ball does not increase as the weight increases, they offer a
   consistent grip as you progress to heavier weights.
For the lower back or glutes start in a sitting position for calfs try either sitting or
   lying on the floor and gently roll around on the ball.